Remembering 2018 (Not a Best Of)

I recently saw a post on Twitter from Jim Goldstein ( @jimgoldstein ) asking photographers to collect a series of their best work from 2018 and blog and share it. One of the purposes of the exercise is to review 5-10 examples of recent work with a critical eye, looking for areas to improve on; at least that’s my take away from Jim’s post. That tweet inspired me to go back through the archives and review my work for the past 12 months, not to select a “best of” but to select a series of images that take me back to the moment of capture. I can name the place and time of each of these images. what the environment was like, and what I was thinking as I made the exposure. I can’t always do that.

I narrowed the photos down to 10 at first but added an extra image, well, because I can. The images are in order taken, from January to December and are a mix of film and digital. I’ve decided not to include any descriptions but am allowing them to stand (or fall) on their own.

Morro Sunset.jpg
Womens March.jpg
Roads End.jpg
Yaquina Lighthouse.jpg
Prevost Harbor Farm.jpg
Morro Jetty Wave 1.jpg
Cacti Morro Bay.jpg
Burning Bush.jpg